– Canna Combo – Outrageous foliage (4 Different varieties)



A unique selection of 4 types of unusual foliage – from variegated cream to deep maroon-red;
This offer is for 1 plant each of the following Canna varieties:
Canna Pretoria
Canna Stuttgart
Canna Tropicanna
Canna Wyoming
as depicted on the images displayed.
(These varieties are also sold individually on our website)

Cannas are very hardy, rhizomatous exotic perennials with paddle shaped green foliage which add colour to your garden from summer through to early autumn.
Average height: 1.8 – 2.4m;
Flower colour: Soft apricot to brilliant orange;
Flowering time: Summer to early autumn;
Plant in full sun to partial shade;
Water preferences: In Water, Wet;
Wildlife Attractant: Bees, Hummingbirds;
Container planting: Suitable in 20 liter or larger – needs excellent drainage when planted in pots;
Deciduous in winter.
Prolific growth and flowering pattern.
Cannas, planted together with irises and daylilies, extend the flowering season in your summer garden.

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Companion planting with irises, daylilies and cannas will reward you with colour from Spring to late Summer.
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