Iris Confusa (similar to Iris Japonica and Iris Wattii)



IRIS CONFUSA is similar to IRIS JAPONICA and IRIS WATTII (The names are regularly interchanged) aka THE BAMBOO IRIS

The flowers are 4–5.5 cm in diameter, and come in shades of soft lavender, to pale blue, to white with wavy or scalloped edges.
The stems have 4-6 spathes (leaves of the flower bud), which are generally membranous. They are 1.5cm wide.It has flattened, (bamboo) cane-like stems, that can grow up to between 25–120 cm tall. It has 5-8 slender branches (or pedicels)  near top of the plant. The stiff pedicels are 1.5–2 cm long.The stems can lie along the ground (after flowering) and can eventually produce roots, creating larger clumps of plants.
The stems (and the many branches) hold between 3 and 5 flowers, in spring and early summer. It can flower in early spring, if the plant is protected from the frost. The flowers are short lived, but since, the plant has many flowers, up to 75 flowers, a continuous display can last for several weeks.
It has 2 pairs of petals, 3 large sepals (outer petals), known as the ‘falls’ and 3 inner, smaller petals (or tepals, known as the ‘standards’. The falls are elliptical, have a rounded top (retuse), and have wide limb (section of the petal, closest to the stem), they are 2–3 cm long and 1.5–2 cm wide. On the blade is a yellow or yellow-orange ridge (or crest). Surrounding the crest/ridge are orange-yellow, or pale mauve, or purple spots. The standards are broadly lanceolate and have a rounded top (retuse). They are 2.5 cm long and 1 cm wide. Both petals have wavy or scalloped edges.
It has stout, creeping rhizomes. They are short and bamboo-like. It also has short stolons. On top of the rhizome are various scars and the remains of last seasons leaves. The creeping habit eventually forms thick clumps.It has 10 or more leaves that are grouped together as a fan-shape.
Unlike, most irises, the foliage is held on top of the bamboo-like stems. So it more looks like a palm. The sword-shaped, or strap-shaped, leaves are yellowish-green, to bright green, glossy (or shine) on one side, and glaucous on the other side. They are lighter in colour than Iris japonica, and are normally thought to be evergreen. The leaves can grow up to between 28-80 cm tall and 3-6cm wide. The veins can not be seen, and the leaves tend to flop over.
It has flattened, (bamboo) cane-like stems, that grow up to between 25-120 cm. It has 5-8 slender branchs (or pedicels) near the top of the plant. The stiff pedicels are 1.5-2 cm long. The stems can lie along the ground (after flowering) and can eventually produce roots, creating larger clumps of plants.
It is similar in form to Iris japonica and Iris wattiiIris confusa is larger than Iris japonica in all parts. Also the foliage of Iris japonica, has less attractive foliage than Iris wattii, it is smaller and has smaller flowers.




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